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A Venue that Looks and Feels Full of Life


Party Rental Equipment

As we arrange your events to ensure they end up entertaining the audience and getting full points for comfort, the furniture and equipment are vital. From tables, chairs, to food tarps, and everything that makes for a well-organized setup, we place them in an orderly and attractive manner for you.

With us taking charge of organizing your event venue just the way you like it, all you need to plan for is what you’re going to wear. You can sit back and relax knowing there’s no need to buy brand new equipment and pay hefty amounts for its purchase and transportation. Once the event is over, you don’t even need to arrange for extra space for storage of the equipment.


Portable Restrooms Trailers

With multiple units inside and the facility to be dragged around wherever you want, we provide portable restroom trailers for your ease. To meet the necessary levels of cleanliness, we keep all signs of contamination away from our restrooms by conducting regular checkups for monitoring.

Instead of arranging separate restrooms that could become expensive for you, we save your costs and provide a well-built, portable bathroom facility right here at our premises. And, with such a facility, your guests will face no hurdles in making the most of their time at your party.


Party Decoration Services

With the basics taken care of competently, we make sure that we ornament the presentation with more alluring features. It includes installing outdoor string lightening, a dance floor, stage, and more that you enhances the aura majestically.

We plan a layout, theme, and arrange for props to best fit the objective of your event. From the charming fairy lights to the electric disco balls, you’ll find more than you could ever wish for. Also, with the ambience and setting being the most major elements of your events, we leave no room for further embellishment. Surely, our wedding decoration service is the best you’ll ever experience!


Bartender Station

No party is ever complete without a fancy bar offering a diverse set of drinks for the guests. And to take care of that, we arrange a whole team of expert mixologists and bartenders at your beck and call. With customized beverages, craft cocktails, and drinks paired with fruit, we serve your guests with the best!

We take it under our responsibility to set up a bartender station for the attendees so they enjoy the event with more flavor, zest, and variety. Finally, we make sure you leave a fine impression on your guests’ mind and make them have the most amusing time ever.


Parking Guiding Services

We remove the hassle of finding a vacant parking spot for your car and offer a Guiding service to make everything much easier. From smoothening the entry and exit for the guests’ vehicles, to controlling the traffic adeptly, we make every dimension of your event function flawlessly.

It is upon us to bring you the utmost convenience and peace of mind so you attend the event with nothing but good vibes and calm sensations only. And, with us eliminating the chances of you wasting time in search of a parking spot, you’ll always make it in time!


Security Services

Maintaining high security standards at the event is of supreme importance. And so, we don’t let any kind of danger enter your premises. From providing you armed guards and installing highly-functional surveillance cameras around, we observe your event activities closely.

From spotting suspicious activity right at the start, to dealing with unforeseen events with bravado, you can trust us to protect you always. And with that, our security system and team confirm keeping you safe throughout the course of the event.

Why Choose Us?

As you search for ‘affordable wedding planners near me’ or something about the best corporate party planner in town, you will come across Rancho Jimenez at the top. And here’s why you should entrust your events with us only.

  • Great visual appeal
  • Vibrant Atmosphere
  • Wide Range of Amenities
  • Can Be More Cost Effective
  • Less chances of error
  • Convenient location (one road off the 14 N freeway)

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